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I'm of mixed feelings with vertical alignment of things on separate lines where the lines are indented to the same level. I often won't bother but sometimes do and even (sometimes reluctantly) admit that such can make the code easier to read, though I find that it can clearly be taken too far. For example, lining up punctuation just boggles me even though I've seen code like this:

my $i = 1 ; my $maxPercentDebit = 100.0+($i/100.0); $i = int ( $i ); $maxPercentDebit = normalizePercentage( $maxPercentDebit );

But I really hate lining up indentation of a line to match the length of code on a previous line. So I'll often rewrite code such as:

$maxPercentDebit = normalizePercentage( $i, $maxPercentDebit );

to something more like

$maxPercentDebit = normalizePercentage( $i, $maxPercentDebit );

(especially assuming a much longer list of arguments such that it doesn't make sense to group the arguments into a single line).

I even prefer to treat () more like {} and write:

$maxPercentDebit = normalizePercentage( $i, $maxPercentDebit, );

and in C where the extra trailing comma isn't tollerated, I'd really like to use:

maxPercentDebit = normalizePercentage( i , maxPercentDebit );

but hold no hope of getting any of my current cow orkers to see the beauty in that. (:

- tye