Let's create a new area on this site for obfu artwork. Just like for tutorials we should be able to consider nodes for inclusion in our gallery if we think they're suffificently impressive.


Currently we can only page back through the last 300 obfu submissions. Many of these are JAPHs and other blocks of code that do interesting things. But some of these are works of art in a similiar league as the camel code. I'd love to preserve a list of these nodes like we do with the tutorials so that new monks can page through these wonderful submissions and feel the same awe and enjoyment as I have done over the years.

Suggested Starting List

Here are some obfus I've either pulled out of our current 300 or saved over the years.

Animals Geography People Miscellaneous

Please suggest more inclusions, I know that there are so many other good ones that I didn't bookmark at the time.

Update: Added a few more nodes.