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Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

by Sameet (Beadle)
on Apr 25, 2004 at 10:12 UTC ( #347952=bookreview: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Order Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

Item Description: A Starters Book for learning Perl with special reference to Bioinformatics

Review Synopsis:

This is a O'Rielly book. Wrtten very nicely, by Dr. James Tisdall. It is really useful, if you are just begining to learn programming. The examples given and the excercises at the end of each chapter are really very nice and they give you a 'hands on' training. The book is pretty simple to read and neatly organized. The only thing i would like to have from it is a solution to all the excercises that it has mentioned. There are about 10 excercises per chapter for each of 13 chapters. But detailed solutions are avialable only for first 8 chapters. Though it is expected that a person is fairly competent to be able to slove the reamining question on his/her own, it will be really nice if those solutions were also put on net for free access. Bye the way, the initial excercises and all the examples are avialabe from the website for download. Infact all the subroutines dicussed are also present as a ".pm" on the sites. It really helps in using the book

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Re: Begining Perl for Bioinformatics
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 25, 2004 at 11:32 UTC
      It should be mentioned that many of the examples in this book would not be used for real in a practical bioinformatics laboratory. The advent of EMBOSS makes much of the code redundant, except if you just want to learn Perl for learning sake. There may be other books that are better for that purpose. Although I did think that the book was well written when I read it.

        Though it does not contain many examples for practical bioinformatics, it is really good for understanding how perl can be used in bioinformatics.

        I would say it is very good book for a person from biology to start with perl

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