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Re: Re: Re: Re: Module::Build and the PPM

by autarch (Hermit)
on May 19, 2004 at 17:20 UTC ( #354683=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: Module::Build and the PPM
in thread Module::Build and the PPM

I think you need to carefully think that reasoning through. People use Module::Build to create distributions so they can distribute them to a wider audience. Part of that distribution process, in many cases, involves uploading to CPAN. Why should it be automatically assumed that someone who creates a ppm package, using M::B, will not follow the same route as they have for other distributions? While it might not directly upload to CPAN, it is part of the process that people use to upload their modules onto CPAN.

I don't see how M::B will ever be able to create PPMs if the functionality isn't just put in there in some form. I still think it's a big jump to go from that to assuming people will upload PPMs to CPAN, and an even bigger jump to think that this should be discussed by the M::B developers before implementing the functionality. When I wrote some of the initial PPM/PPD-related code way back when, my only interest was in trying to make it easier to make PPMs/PPDs for the DateTime modules.

Why deal with the symptoms, which could cause a myriad of unforeseen problems, rather than look at the root of the problem? Blankly assuming you are right and everyone else is wrong, is not going to solve any issues there might be.

But there have always been tools to create PPMs. The only difference is that now a tool that creates regular CPAN-ish tarballs includes that functionality. This is not a huge radical change. Regardless, if PPMs don't belong on CPAN at all, there not much to be done besides asking people not to upload them there.

Wildly claiming I am "on crack", have a "fevered imagination" and an "overwhelming ego" is nothing short of a personal attack.

Well, I only wildly claimed you were on crack. The fevered imagination I attributed to demerphq, and, the "overwhelming ego" quote you've taken way out of context. I wrote "instead of assuming Ken & co. have some horrible plot, or are motivated by some sort of overwhelming ego ...". That wasn't directed at you or anyone else. If you want to be offended, at least be offended at what I actually said. I'm not even particularly irritated at you, though I think your original post is off the mark, since this problem has a lot more to do with one person uploading something to CPAN than Module::Build. I am irritated at the various responses which seem to just go along with that assumption and then blame that on the fact that there is some sort of attempt by Module::Build to take over the Perl community, or some other ridiculous theory.

As I've said, if there's a problem with the PPM generation of Module::Build, I think that people who actually use Windows would be greatly welcomed if they have ideas and/or code to contribute, because I know that I, for one, have no freaking clue about Windows, despite having written some of the PPD-related code.

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