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I don't think so. I've used both. I've never had much luck with Devel::DProf. I've never had a problem with Devel::Profile.

My understanding of the problem with Devel::DProf, is that is can't handle subs that don't return (exceptions, gotos, etc). Devel::Profile handles such situations.

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by samtregar (Abbot) on May 26, 2004 at 04:06 UTC
    That's very interesting. A quick test against Krang shows that you are correct - it can profile krang_publish but Devel::DProf reliably seg-faults. I'm definitely going to study the code to see if I can figure out why it doesn't have the same problems as Devel::DProf, even though it uses the debugger.



      I just contributed some improvements to Devel::Profile that should make it more stable. Now the only bug I know for sure remains is actually in the core, namely, that you can't call an XS function from &DB::sub before you call &$DB::sub, or the target one gets the wrong default package. Yuck.

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