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Plankton's scratchpad

by Plankton (Vicar)
on Jun 01, 2004 at 20:46 UTC ( #358558=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

itchy itchy

Tk Screen and Canvas Screenshots
float values and operators

Setting up public key authentication in Linux (openssh)

#!/bin/sh prog=`basename $0` progdir=`dirname $0` usage () { msg=$1 cat << EOT usage: $prog [-U <remote user>] [-h] -H <remote host> $msg EOT } while [ "$#" -gt 0 ] do OPTIND=0 getopts 'H:U:hv' NAME case "$NAME" in D) echo setting rhome; RHOME=$OPTARG; shift; shift;; U) RUSER=$OPTARG; shift; shift;; H) RH=$OPTARG; shift; shift;; v) verbose=1; shift;; h) usage "help called"; exit 1; shift ;; *) usage "Unknown arg $NAME" ; exit 1; shift;; esac done if [ -z $RH ] then usage "Please specify a host." exit 1 fi if [ -z $RUSER ] then RUSER=$USER fi cd $HOME if [ ! -d .ssh ] then mkdir .ssh fi chmod 700 .ssh cd .ssh if [ ! -e ] then ssh-keygen -t dsa -N "" -f $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa fi ssh -l $RUSER $RH "sh -c \"if [ ! -d .ssh ]; then mkdir .ssh; fi && cd + .ssh && if [ -e authorized_keys ] ; then cat >> authorized_keys; els +e cat > authorized_keys; fi \"" < ssh $RUSER@$RH hostname
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