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by lemming (Priest)
on Oct 11, 2000 at 01:23 UTC ( [id://36133]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The short Bio as related to Perl:

Discovered Perl in 1994. It's been my favorite language since then. I do tend to use English a little more. I've used a lot of other languages, but it would depress me to list them all.

other bits:

I'm a tech generalist. I have done QA, Dev, Management, Support, and IT. Sometimes all at once.

Currently not working in the tech field at all. Working as a Adoption Coordinator for Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. And yes, sometimes it is practically herding cats.

No longer working at Best Friends, my wife still works there while I work on my Photography Work. The web page is way out of date as of April 2011, but should be much more interesting in the summer.

I'd prefer my location to be (55.45.23, -6.17.14), but I don't think the job market for Perl programmers is that strong there. Hint: I really like the style of scotch from there.

Musical tastes, rock of various sorts and some favorites in no particular order: Siouxsie and the Banshees, BÍC, Liz Phair, Devo, Kate Bush, NIN, Ministry, Cracker, REM, Animals, Cramps, J Geils Band, Jim Carrol, Sisters of Mercy, Warren Zevon, and Jefferson Airplane.

The Nickname:

I rolled my car off a cliff in 1980 and the name just stuck. My friend and I were able to walk away with minor injuries. I had a concussion and some cuts on my hand where it hit the windshield. My friend had a sprained wrist. I don't remember the previous hour before we were getting out of the car though. The car was not totaled! Should have been, it had a layer of bondo on the roof that was two inches thick. That shattered five years later when a branch fell on top of the car.
People started using lemming as my last name, I used it as my login at UCSC for the first time in 1982. Online, I'm either lemming, lemming552, or icepirate it seems. The 552 was just a random number, icepirate from the movie and a character I play in a RPG, Champions.

Random stuff:
undef $tokyo if gogo($godzilla);

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