First, I want to say "thanks" for all of the positive feedback. I have now posted the second lesson, but you should probably start from the beginning again. I've made a lot of changes to how it's laid out and have incorporated as many suggestions as I reasonably could (though some I have skipped due to time pressure).

From now on, if anyone complains about for any reason, just send them to Lesson Two. It's an extended analysis of why alternatives to are usually flawed. That should shut 'em up :)

Thanks to suggestions from ar0n and turnstep, I have gone to CSS. I have tried to lay out the site so that CSS support is not necessary and I think it will look fine in a text-based browser. "Security Checkpoints" now have a red badge symbol next to them. This should make it easier to pay extra attention to the critical parts.

Spelling and grammar errors in the introduction and first lesson have been corrected. Due to a heavy workload at the office, I rushed Lesson Two, so expect it to have more errors than my initial effort. Please let me know what you find and feel free to be extremely anal.

Let me know what you think about the colors and the layout. Suggestions welcome! It's fairly easy to change it, but if your browser doesn't have CSS support, tough beans. However, if your browser does support CSS and the site has problems, let me know! If you can suggest how a CSS newbie like me can fix those problems, I'd be grateful.

Lesson Three may be a long time in coming due to my workload, so please be patient.


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