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RE: I've watched the US Presidential Debates

by MadraghRua (Vicar)
on Oct 12, 2000 at 08:16 UTC ( #36360=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I've watched the US Presidential Debates

Good one Petruchio!
Actually an even more worrying thing was the fact that the VP debates were cogent, reasoned and addressed real questions with real numbers, stats, etc. Why is this? Are we to believe that the President is only about surface and VP about substance?

It totally sucks how we are left looking at these two daddies boys for only three debates. I much prefer watching the pols battle it out on the English House of Commons broadcasts - then you see who is who and what is what over six to seven years. The nature of infotainment here means that unless you're a dedicated CPAN viewer (and lets face it - who isn't) you really have no idea what these characters are.

It seems that so much information is spun and massaged that you really are reliant on a ton of research to get an idea of what Bush or Gore have been up to.
I'm voting for the first time this year and I think I'll go with Nader - at least he hasn't been bought and paid for by the Zaibatsu.

yet another biologist hacking perl....

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