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I am looking for a way, or perl script, that will cut info from a webpage. Let's assume that the page doesn't change formats. For example, if has a deal of the day and the only thing on that page that changes is the picture, price, and item name, then there should be a way to have a script call upon that page and look for the start and end of the section and pull the relevant info off of that page to my test page. My test page would say "Today's Deal from KBTOYS is" then the item name would show up here. Then I could say "The price is" and then the item price would show up here etc. Does anyone know of any perl codes that can be modified to do such a thing. Where I can put any URL in, and the start and end points to get the info on the fly for what I want? Or if not on the fly, maybe something that would be scheduled to run a few times a day or something? Does anyone know how to write a script like that? Thanks Dean