I'm currently making the french translation of the About the PerlMonks FAQ. So I need feedback from french readers before I link it to the main entry point.

Links to original and translated node:

'What is PerlMonks?' => 'Qu'est-ce que PerlMonks ?'

I'll post following links to this thread as soon as available.


Updated (1): Taken account of mpeppler remarks (less pedantic style now). :-)
Updated (2): Taken account of allolex remarks (quite better french!)
Updated (3): Taken account of theon remarks (even more better french!!)
Updated (4): Taken account of CountZero remarks (typo between several version of the sentence).
Updated (5): Taken account of Not_a_Number remarks (bad accentuation and better syntax).

The node has been promoted to stable and is linked to the FAQ summary.

French FAQ: 3 next nodes, The story continues...

HTH, Dominique

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