Item Description: Replacement for Data::Dumper

Review Synopsis:

I'll make history this time and start something new in the review section. Instead for reviewing Data::TreeDumper (which I wrote), I'll ask oter to review it. Shoot, grind and flamme at your heart's content.

Data::TreeDumper can be found here: installing the Bundle is the easiest way. This module works on linux and should work on Windows though it is not tested on that platform. I think this module is as useful for beginers as it is for seasoned perl geeks


Data::Dumper and other modules do a great job at dumping data structure but their output sometime takes more brain to understand the dump than it takes to understand the data itself. When dumping big amounts of data, the output is overwhelming and it's difficult to see the relationship between each piece of the dumped data.

Data::TreeDumper dumps data in a trees like fashion hopping for the output to be easier on the beholder's eye and brain. But it might as well be the opposite!


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