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Go to Perl 5

by neophyte (Curate)
on Oct 18, 2000 at 20:01 UTC ( #37343=bookreview: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Item Description: Disregarding the title, this book is actually a book written in German aimed at the beginner and intermediate

Review Synopsis: Go to Perl 5
author: Michael Schilli
publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 3 273 1378 3

potential readers:

Since it is in German, everyone that is more comfortable reading German than English, especially beginners and intermediate users of perl.


compact introduction to Perl in terms of syntax, string manipulation, list manipulation, regex etc.
complete with examples & excercises

introduction to OO complete with examples & excercises

a chapter on modules and their use, especially:

  • LWP
  • NET::FTP
  • URI::URL
  • diverse HTML modules
again complete with examples & exercises

a chapter on Perl/TK

information on installing Perl

a CD with the book containing a Perl as source, a binary for win32 (all slightly outdated by now in my edition) and all the examples from the book

3 stars out of 5

Fine to start out with. All examples and exercises are code that one might need in everyday computing. The auther even keeps an eye on security -w and use strict are not only explained but also used in the examples.
But there will come a time in the live of a Perl adept, when he needs more in depth information than this book can give. Programming Perl is a must have.
Another problem with the first edition (the one I have) is the index. Wrong page numbers in an index are not acceptable in a book that you might also use just to look up a function. This problem might have been fixed in a newer edition.

I still use it alongside my Programming Perl (2nd) and Perl Cookbook.

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