I'm back with perl after a break, I have explored some few other languages, python, php, ruby and so on. I have not seen much about he following phenomenan I describe among perl developers.

Recently I had an epiphany of how some people get this cult like aura when they talk about their favourite language. This is just not only restricted languages but even applies to the latest technology or development model. This is kind of creepy they end up talk about their tools as they where the cure for cancer or atleast the problems that programmers/developers has batteled for the last half a century. You try to make a case for yourself that the tool is not going to solve all problems, but just alleviate some. The discussion ends up with "You just don't get it... tool/technology X is far superiour than tool/technology Y!" from the zealot.

I have yet to figure out the reason why some people resort to this line of argument... Do some of you monks have any insight to why?

UPDATE: This is not the question of why people support technology, but why people support things like they were salvation to every problem known to programmers. i.e. why some people resort to Zealotry in their support for something new, and ending up in somecases hurting their cause.

UPDATE2: This is not a troll about zealotry in the perl community. As I have stated on numerous replies to peoples post the number of zealots in the perl community is low in my personal experience.