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Re: The cult like aura...

by arden (Curate)
on Jul 12, 2004 at 14:21 UTC ( #373609=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to The cult like aura...

Basically, it is a matter of psychology. Humans are a social species, we like to be a part of something. Usually, we want to be towards the top of the hierarchy. In non-hierarchical groups, this translates into being one of the first to support a product/group. For proof of "wanting to be a part of something", just look at the sheer numbers of people who blindly sign petitions for such things as "Banning the Di-Hydrogen Oxide that's contaminating our drinking water" (gotta love Penn & Teller's new show on Showtime!) and others.

Furthermore, by drumming up support for their "technology", they are making it more popular. This way, the product they use is less likely to dwindle off into oblivion, which would force them to learn a new "techonology". This carries over into every-day products too: make/model of car, brand of computer, model of DVD player (have you seen the Phillips DVP642?). The more people we convince to buy the same product we bought, the more the company sells (obviously). The more they sell, the longer they'll continue to sell and support it, and (in the case of computers & flash-upgradeable dvd players) the longer they'll produce upgrades/fixes for it.

- - arden.

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Re^2: The cult like aura...
by Albannach (Monsignor) on Jul 12, 2004 at 14:36 UTC
    Your first paragraph is right on, but I have a feeling your second may be attributing too much conscious decision to the average user. I think making a product popular is just a side effect of the quest for validation: getting someone else to buy what one bought helps one to validate one's own decision to buy. If everyone you tell of a new language adopts it right away, you'll feel pretty good about your choice, but if they resist and point out numerous flaws, you're likely to reconsider your own decision.

    I'd like to be able to assign to an luser

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