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Ok, I'll bite.

1. Self-interest? They are in a position to make money(or lose money) because of it?

2.One of Perl's motto is "there is more than 1 way to do it". That is a very enlightened view. However, it is the nature of the human mind to try to "simplify problems" by reducing variables, and enforcing conformity. (Look at Windows).

So technologists develop some new technology to solve some problem, and they proclaim it's "dominance" to encourage everyone to conform to using it, and thereby creating a "standard".

Windows is a great example of this. Most knowledgable computer scientists, would not dispute the inferiority of the Window's OS. But Gates was smart enough to give it to the schools to use to teach kids, and the kids come out of school proclaiming that "Windows is the best, because why else would their esteemed and trusted teachers, have used it?).

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