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++ tomorrow when I have votes, Pikus.

Brothers and Sisters, if we don't have a poet laureate in the monastery already, I nominate our Monkish brother Pikus, fresh from being tonsured (and who knows what else) in the CB this morning. I find it amazing that one can rise to the level of monk so quickly, in so few posts, and most of them Poems. Thanks for adding to the culture of our little community.

And congratulations, brother Monk.



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Re^2: a reading from the book of
by pikus (Hermit) on Jul 21, 2004 at 17:06 UTC
    Aww, shucks NovMonk! You're makin me blush over here!
    Thanks for the compliment! :-)
         - pikus
    "I want to live 'till I die. No more. No less." - Eddie Izzard