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Re: how to merge the files of DNA sequences?

by stajich (Chaplain)
on Jul 24, 2004 at 13:20 UTC ( #377122=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to how to merge the files of DNA sequences?

use strict; use Bio::SeqIO; use Bio::Seq; my %seqs; my @files = qw(file1 file2); for my $file ( @files ) { my $in = Bio::SeqIO->new(-format => 'fasta', -file => $file); while( my $seq = $in->next_seq ) { $seqs{$seq->display_id} .= $seq->seq; # append the seqdata } } my $out = Bio::SeqIO->new(-format => 'fasta', -file => '>newfile.fa'); while( my ($seqname,$seqstr) = each %seqs ) { my $seq = Bio::Seq->new(-id => $seqname, -seq => $seqstr); $out->write_seq($seq); }
Of course if you wanted to have sequence data in another file format you just have to change the 'fasta' to something else like 'genbank', 'swiss', 'embl', etc...

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