in reply to RFC: Data::Dumper::Simple

Wonderful! - I always hated the 2 issues with Data::Dumper - it wants a REFERENCE, and it wont easily tell you the variable NAME.

There was one additional nit - which perhaps you can pick -the need to say "print Dumper (\$blah)" - why keep repeating the "print" or "warn" .. wouldn't is be nice to have an OO interface that remembers what you want to do .. something like:

use Data::Dumper::Simple; my $Dump => new Data::Dumper::Simple( Output=>"warn", # or "print" # or: Output=\&CodeRef vars=($this,%that,@other) }; $Dump->() ; # Can't think of appropriate syntax here.. # Line above would do the equivalent of print Dumper ($$this,%that,@other); # If we no longer want to output %that, do $Dump->Removevars(%that); # or even $Dump->Addvars(@Something_Else);

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