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I'm still coming to a decision as to exactly how I want debug constructs in my code. Looks like I'll have to investigate adding this to my bag'o'tricks.

Some of my code never see's the light of day.
Some goes into highly visible (e.g. your phone bill) production system.

I am trying to establish my own set of guidelines on code 'noise', that doesn't differ by too much across those two disciplines. I know there will necessarily need to be a difference, I want to minimise that difference.

Currently I mainly use STDERR->print(Dumper(...)); in 'private' code, and Log::Log4perl for everything else I think might ever be seen/used by anyone else.

All our internally developed libraries use Log::Log4perl - if someone in the company uses one of our libraries, they need to configure a logger.

Perhaps I am not properly separating the disciplines of logging and debugging - I feel that everything your code reports back is a debug statement - to somebody at some level - some are aimed at developers, some at sysadmins.

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