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Re: [OT] End of hard disks era, new ways of development

by woolfy (Chaplain)
on Aug 10, 2004 at 14:33 UTC ( #381596=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to [OT] End of hard disks era, new ways of development

I was quite surprised by the number of reactions. Thanks for your energy, monks! And of course (almost) all of you were right, but still...

I know that the end of the tape era end the end of the floppy era have been predicted more times than the end of the hard disk era, and that tapes and floppies still are used. But they are hardly used by consumers nowadays (well, if I can use the advertisements for new computers as a guide for that assumption; ads for tapes and floppies, tape units and floppy drives seem to be a rare commodity now). Within the next few years, I think the same will happen with hard disks. Not within a few months. And as with tapes and floppies, they will be used for many years to come. But as with tapes and floppies, they will fade out of existence. I still remember my first 20 Mb hard disk, it was a removable Tandon disk, bigger than a brick, and I was so proud of it. Hard to imagine now, having USB memory sticks with many more times storage space on them.

I have read the articles about this 2 Tb memory card a bit better now and indeed, it says "up to" 2 Tb, and it's not yet here. Still, even a "mere" 500 Gb would be wonderful...

I know 120 Mbps is not that fast, but compared to 2 years ago it certainly is. And I certainly rely on future improvements in that area.

And I know that memory cards wear out faster than hard disks, so after 100,000 write operations they are less reliable than hard disks. I assume that will be improved in the near future. Let's rely on that a bit than.

Not checking for available disk space is just a sin. A sin that leads to errors. I know I had those errors quite often myself. My bad. Haven't had that error for quite a while though.

At the moment, I have hundreds of CD's with backups of my computers, going back to many years. Recently I bought a DVD burner, and that's a big improvement (less disks needed to make backups, less time consuming, less storage space needed). With memory cards of 500 Gb up to 2 Tb, making backups will be so much easier...

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