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Free Perl Books

by prostoalex (Scribe)
on Aug 16, 2004 at 16:47 UTC ( [id://383366] : perlmeditation . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My bookmark list transformed into last week - the URL kinda speaks for itself.

Free Perl and Python books list, as far as I believe, is close to being complete. Anyone has any additions to it? (preferably only books available for free, not documentation, FAQs and so on).

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Re: Free Perl Books
by davorg (Chancellor) on Aug 16, 2004 at 18:40 UTC
      Thanks, missed that. It was actually listed on the front page, with all the miscellaneous books, missed it when I was separating Perl.
Re: Free Perl Books
by Arunbear (Prior) on Aug 16, 2004 at 19:27 UTC
      Just added it.
Re: Free Perl Books
by geekgrrl (Pilgrim) on Aug 16, 2004 at 22:01 UTC
      Thanks, just added.
Re: Free Perl Books
by KeighleHawk (Scribe) on Aug 16, 2004 at 23:25 UTC
    You got at least one from this site, but it might be worth a direct link from your site since one would guess/hope O'Reilly will be adding more:

    P.S. Thanks for your site and your post. Very nice to see...

      Yeah, it's there on the right side, together with link to Paul Graham's collection, Bruce Perens' project with Addison Wesley and some other collections.
Re: Free Perl Books
by atcroft (Abbot) on Aug 16, 2004 at 23:57 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by l3nz (Friar) on Aug 16, 2004 at 19:26 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by gjb (Vicar) on Aug 17, 2004 at 13:35 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by neilwatson (Priest) on Aug 16, 2004 at 20:25 UTC
    While not a Perl book, you used to be able to get Vi Improved (ISBN 0-7357-1001-5) on line at New Riders publishing. That seems to be unavailable now :(. Still, if you search around Google you may find a PDF copy somewhere.

    Neil Watson

Re: Free Perl Books
by Zed_Lopez (Chaplain) on Aug 18, 2004 at 05:33 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by belg4mit (Prior) on Aug 16, 2004 at 23:08 UTC
    Not Perl exactly; but then the site you cite isn't exclusively; but scriptable with it is MH. The Octopus books is available in numerous locations.

    I'm not belgian but I play one on TV.

Re: Free Perl Books
by silent11 (Vicar) on Aug 17, 2004 at 14:30 UTC
    If you have a library card chances are your city/county library has a subscription to Safari Tech Books Online. Mine does anyway. Our county carries some 250 titles. Also, If you can build a relationship with the right person at your library, chances are they can add books that they aren't currently subscribed to. Those making the selection decisions are usually not techies and *may* apprecite your feedback on their collection.

    Also, it's a good chance that your library subscribes to other databases and services that carry tech books as well. Ours also allows me to access The Net Library.

Re: Free Perl Books
by Arunbear (Prior) on Aug 17, 2004 at 10:14 UTC
    prostoalex, here's one more for you, its the Subversion book.

    Oops, its part of the O'Reilly Open Books Project :(

    BTW why not make the sidebar on the front page more prominent e.g. by moving it to the top of the page?
Re: Free Perl Books
by castaway (Parson) on Aug 18, 2004 at 05:36 UTC
    Theres already one of these, with heaps of books listed, why not contribute there instead?

    Oops, forgot to mention another one, which has some German some English, but still nice: Computer Literatur


    castaway adds this URL to her collection..

      Maybe I've missed the boat, but I didn't find "heaps" of books at Andamooka. Sure, there are a number of programming entries, mostly for KDE and Linux.

      And I was disappointed with Computer Literatur for it's out of date (Perl 4) version of the Perl Man Page, broken links, and a dysfunctional English translation (along the lines of "Yes, Virginia, there's an English version. But it's just a stub, and the links are broken. But we have the Union Jack graphic up and running!") However, there seems to be a lot there, so perhaps a number of gems in the haystack.

      But they're free, and I like the price of admission.

      Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of

      On the German site a lot of the stuff is pirated books, some are legally free. I collect just the ones where "free" means "released by the author or publisher".
Re: Free Perl Books
by astroboy (Chaplain) on Apr 03, 2005 at 20:59 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by wazoox (Prior) on Nov 30, 2010 at 11:57 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by Wassercrats (Initiate) on Aug 19, 2004 at 07:31 UTC
    I heard Frys is offering a rebate for Learning Perl (maybe for any O'Reilly book) that refunds all your money. There are several bargin-hunter websites. If you find a tech-oriented one with a book section, that might be good for your list.

    But beware of Frys' offer:

    Complaint 1
    Complaint 2
    Complaint 3

      Don't know if it is too late to comment on this node, but I am noticing a trend at Frys that Perl books seem to going away. I used to visit the Mayan Fry's (off Brokaw,in San Jose). Over several months their section on Perl seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. I took this to be just laziness or brief incompetence in ordering.

      Now, still more months later, I go to the Cowboy Fry's in Palo Alto (the point is, different Fry's, same trend) and I saw no Perl books there at all. When I asked one of the salespeople specifically where their Perl books are, she said "They are either not there, or are in the bargain section".

      Have you noticed anything similar?
        Your first mistake is shopping at Fry's at all. Living in Silly Valley, I'm sure you've already been regaled with epic tales of Fry's committment to customer service, from the bait-and-switch ads to the search at the door on the way out. Fry's only real feature is that they have everything. You can buy a refrigerator, a video card, and a DVD all in one place. The down side is that you can get any of these things cheaper someplace else and not have to deal with Fry's employees. Rule of thumb: 10% of Fry's merchandise is broken.

        If you need hardware, try Surplus Computer in San Jose or Action Computer in Sunnyvale or Palo Alto. Both places carry the same selection of cables and cases as Fry's for about half the price, and the staff actually know what they're doing.

        For books, try Book Buyers on Castro Street in Mountain View. Way in the back they have a nice selection of used Computer Books. I've found copies of the Camel Book for as low as $15. In bygone days I would have directed you to Computer Literacy, but post-bubble, CL is no more.

        "What do I want? I'm an American. I want more."

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Re: Free Perl Books
by pemungkah (Priest) on Nov 30, 2010 at 23:56 UTC
Re: Free Perl Books
by monkfan (Curate) on Oct 24, 2004 at 09:00 UTC


    Removed link

      Please, don't post any links to the O'Reilly bookshelf, as it is not free. The copyright page of the bookshelf states that the bookshelf is for use by one individual, and whoever made that copy publicly available on the web is violating O'Reillys rights (and income). While it's useless to try to dam the flood of such web pages, at least in the monastery, we shouldn't link to such sites.