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Hi all!

I have the following function for openning a file:
sub openFile { my ($file, $accessMode) = @_; my $err; if (! defined($accessMode)) { # by default, open the file for re +ading $accessMode = $MODE_READ; } if (exists($ACCESS_MODES{$accessMode})) { if (! open(FILE, "$ACCESS_MODES{$accessMode}$file")) { $err = $!; if (defined($returnOnError)) { return $FALSE; } &throwGenError("Can't open $file: $err"); # throw except +ion } } else { &throwGenError("In openFile: Wrong access mode $accessMode"); } return FILE; }
The problem is when I call it in a function, and before closing the file handler I call another function the also opens a file (another file), for example:
sub func1 { my (@fileContent,@temp, @comment); my $contentFh = &openFile($file1); while (my $line = <$contentFh >) { ... push(@fileContent,&func2($line)); ... } } close($contentFh); return \@fileContent; } sub func2 { my ($user) = @_; my @groupsFile; my $groupsFh = &openFile($file2); @groupsFile = <$groupsFh>; close($groupsFh); ... return @groupsFile; }
When calling func1 I get the following errors to screen:
readline() on closed filehandle FILE at /var/www/cgi-bin/lib/ + line 25.
It's the leine of the while(). It doesn't happen when I don't call func2 from within func1, I guess the close() call in func2 somehow effects func1.
Anywhy can explain the problem and suggest a solution?

Thanks a lot