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Your way of exposing caught me reading until the last comment!

My guess is that this work is not only limited to mathematics or stadistics use.

I can't anyway, yet understand why diff has to be abs :) in your test.

I also find it difficult to understand the way of using

OneOf( Int...
and then changing it for
Frequency( [20,Int(range=>[-1,1])]...
And where do those 20 to 1 successfully come from :) ...

It would help to have some 'lateral thinking' equivalences always intermingled in the tutorial. Like using words as 'paradigm'. Or using more graphical examples when showing the quantification of the kinds of test cases

I know that using maths is a way of understanding the world. And that it allows mathematicians to imagine how it might apply to specific cases.

But I think that it is a pity that it would only be limited to those people.

In its perl nature, it doesn't need to look as a complex thing.

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