This is a mostly hypothetical question, so treat it as such. Just recently I was pondering the idea of writing my own IRC-bot type module, that would of course, provide a framework to connect to irc and the usual stuff people implement in modules like these.

Then I thought, "Perhaps I might actually write something useful and other people might want to use it.. so I might want to upload it to CPAN!". Of course, if I want to upload it to CPAN I need to have a unique descriptive name.

Obviously there already exists a moduled named Net::IRC, so I can't call it that, nut it does the same thing (or similar things) as Net::IRC, so what *other* name could I give it? I suppose I could go with Net::IRC2 or something, but that just feels wrong.

So I came up with the idea of calling it BUU::IRC or something similar. The idea of course is to be descriptive and unique but I thought this might not be a good idea, so I extend my question to you people. Modules with a person's "name" in the title, good or bad?

I will note in passing that there are lots of modules that have a proper name in the title, but mostly these are named after systems of some sort, most notably POE has it's own namespace.