Since my last post about this got reaped, I'll try again without mentioning anyone by name.

When someone is ignored, there should be a pop-up, or some kind of obvious notification to make sure the ignorer knows he ignored someone. It's possible to put a button on your home node that makes you ignore someone, and in at least one case, someone put a button too close to a random image link that people press over and over.

This is only one security problem with Perl Monks. Actually, before fixing that, the cookie problem should be fixed, if that one still exists. It allows you to log on as another user if you get someone to click your button. Did that ever get fixed?

And how about some guideline that says to keep the redeemable part of a reaped post, assuming there's a largely redeemable part? That would have prevented some of my posts from being totally reaped.