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Please don't do this -- see ruby for the reason why. Say I want to do X in Perl. I head over to search.cpan and look for the word X, and odds are good that I'll turn up the relevant modules, because "X" appears in their names (with POE, PDL, and Maypole being notable, and annoying, exceptions). Now say I want to do X in ruby. Odds are good that ruby's X-module won't have "X" in its name, but will be named something obscure and "clever", so should I be looking for "Floozy"? "Bogey"? "Droopy"? How many of you have discovered a standard Unix command to do something after having written an inferior replacement yourself, because you never would have guessed its cryptic name? CPAN works because I can find a module based on what it does, without some other resource mapping functions to names.