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Re: Too much Front Paging

by grinder (Bishop)
on Sep 24, 2004 at 14:39 UTC ( #393529=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Too much Front Paging

there are a handful of rather enthusiastic front paging monks

I suppose I must be included in this category. Yes, I freely admit to front-paging lots of stuff these days. Just about anything that is well-written, interesting, not answered, answered well, FAQish with a twist, obscure, funny or otherwise strikes my fancy is meat for the grinder.

The main reasons is to reduce the time that nodes stay on the front page, thus reducing the impact of reputation inflation. The faster a node moves off the front page, the lesser the effect.

And as an added bonus, an irregular reader who visits will see a fresh page each time. And that is a Good Thing.

And then there is the case of CUFP. I used to watch CUFPs stay on the front page for months. These days I front page nearly every CUFP posted, because Cool Uses For Perl are by definition worth showing off.

I don't see why you think 50% is excessive. The question I ask myself is more along of the lines of "is this node and each and all of its answers so poor that it does not belong on the front page?" And I find that by and large I usually find that the answer is No.

- another intruder with the mooring of the heat of the Perl

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Re^2: Too much Front Paging
by Grygonos (Chaplain) on Sep 24, 2004 at 15:02 UTC

    Extraordinarily useful nodes or interesting nodes belong on the front page. Average, run of the mill, well answered nodes don't belong on the front page. It might warrant Cat. Q&A if it is something that you feel others would use. I may have front-paged 1 or 2 things since I have been a monk. I do so with great discretion. Statistically speaking, what belongs on the front page are positive outliers in the distribution of nodes by quality/usefulness.

    I had a node of mine front-paged a while back regarding EBCIDIC and COMP-3 handling. By no means am I trying to toot my own horn at all. I don't think my portion of the node was extraordinary, but the information held in that node and its replies was very useful stuff for handling a type of data that perl doesn't handle defaultly. To me nodes like that belong on the front.

    XP abuse on front page nodes may happen, but it only becomes abuse when people are voting just because its on the front page, so therefore it must be "good". Otherwise, a large number of people may have just found this node useful, in which case it's not abuse, personally

    anyhow... ramble off....FP with discretion ... to me that's the motto we should use.

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