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Re: Too much Front Paging (your estimation of the data is wrong)

by diotalevi (Canon)
on Sep 24, 2004 at 16:26 UTC ( #393575=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Too much Front Paging

Bull pucky!

Over the last eight days, only 28% of the 187 SoPQ nodes have been front paged and only three nodes total were front-paged and responded to by the same person. The problem, I think, is that you're just percieving this large volume of nodes as a small number so when it acts like a larger number, it magnifies your perception of the otherwise sparse front-paging activity.

The data follows.

Title Type Front paged Also respo +nded Too much Front Paging monkdiscuss kutsu No more XP for voting! monkdiscuss Suggestions for nodes to use t monkdiscuss grinder Danger or not: obfuscation monkdiscuss grinder Filter by Node Rep monkdiscuss Does the monastery want a thre monkdiscuss davido Yes Other Users Nodelet monkdiscuss Version control over contribut monkdiscuss Button insecurity monkdiscuss grinder NodeReaper out of control monkdiscuss Let's discuss diotalevi's home monkdiscuss deference and inreference oper perlquestion Quick question about Tk(?) perlquestion Substr warning perlquestion Win::OLE perlquestion problem installing Crypt::SSLe perlquestion grinder How to catch Net::FTP timeouts perlquestion Corion shutdown gracefully - kill sig perlquestion grinder obfuscated code perlquestion Web page with frames perlquestion (Challenge)(for new users) Rep perlquestion parsing time information from perlquestion Extract subroutines from a Per perlquestion htoug Ambiguity of @{ shift } perlquestion I need a comparison/hashing al perlquestion broquaint Tee STDOUT perlquestion grinder Is there exist a module to pro perlquestion How do you make on the fly ima perlquestion Courage Decipher HASH from XML perlquestion print out perlquestion Broken Pipe error when talking perlquestion An object replacing itself perlquestion broquaint Multi Threading the ping proce perlquestion Code asks, in what file do I l perlquestion mhi Test::Unit extensions going in perlquestion Old_Gray_Bear Selecting a specific hash key perlquestion Getting data from web page perlquestion Sending data to a cgi-form perlquestion Clearing text in Tk perlquestion Courage Sending emails from BSMTP form perlquestion Surprising whitespace behavior perlquestion Arunbear cls and perl perlquestion Trying to re-write some VB-OLE perlquestion Courage Yes perl -M using a module in curr perlquestion Chart drawing: GDGraph or Char perlquestion Excel::SpreadSheet : Can't cal perlquestion XML::TokeParser and malformed perlquestion Looking for perl/tk code perlquestion Courage Perl database access perlquestion Construct a data structure fro perlquestion broquaint Array question perlquestion line numbers and line content perlquestion Strange behavior: passing $1 t perlquestion broquaint mime tools multiline body perlquestion Getting module to call importe perlquestion Maintaining diagrams in a Perl perlquestion Finding Patterns perlquestion Win32::API::Prototype error perlquestion CGI::Session Handling perlquestion Creating a non-UI event in Per perlquestion Problem Modifying Files perlquestion How do I detect if a number ha perlquestion How do you properly tty-ify a perlquestion Tomte Simple & convenient Perl datab perlquestion //o of any help? perlquestion regex to return matched value perlquestion refreshing a page/session with perlquestion Problem in Installing DBD::Ora perlquestion Socket communication between C perlquestion encoding data containing non e perlquestion PERL ,IIS, Apache, mod_perl perlquestion on windows perlquestion nested combinations: algorithm perlquestion Courage Arithmetic with fractions perlquestion broquaint Seek one liner for distributin perlquestion grinder GetBinaryType API perlquestion Can't set cookie with perlquestion Executing OS commands from Eve perlquestion cgi input box process script perlquestion find a string into an interval perlquestion another cookies question perlquestion Making two loops into one perlquestion Mail with Attachment in UNIX perlquestion Win32:OLE using Outlook perlquestion jar like feature perlquestion been42 How do I sort a Multidimension perlquestion Character matching in a word? perlquestion The Great Computer Language Sh perlquestion grinder Unassociated Filehandles and S perlquestion broquaint comparing arrays perlquestion How to manipulate @INC in a sc perlquestion How to Determine If A File Is perlquestion grinder split string by character coun perlquestion Preserve array contents in for perlquestion grinder What's the best way to put per perlquestion grinder How can i put favicon.ico into perlquestion DB_File size limitations? perlquestion grinder Messing about in Arrays of Has perlquestion using Mail::Box::Manager; perlquestion grinder Using FreezeThaw correctly? perlquestion Courage initial http response not comp perlquestion Courage how to handle login failures w perlquestion Courage read binary datas perlquestion Perl Decompile perlquestion Courage Yes Task distribution project Q perlquestion In-place editing of files perlquestion grinder Mixed-case column names breaki perlquestion Writting and reading from wind perlquestion Using Java methods in perl perlquestion broquaint Fcntl() and multiple filehandl perlquestion Aristotle module upgrade using ppm? perlquestion SOAP string conversion problem perlquestion grinder constant not evaluated perlquestion redirecting output in perl perlquestion (un)escaping html with perlquestion capture output from remote pro perlquestion headache with arrays. perlquestion HTTP Proxy Madness perlquestion OT:Perl Monks of Windows/Linux perlquestion Console Window Minimized perlquestion Need help with includes in sub perlquestion hash or nest loop perlquestion Win32 Font List perlquestion Pack and off_t for fcntl()? perlquestion Multi-threading ping of a list perlquestion Running Perl scripts written o perlquestion Net::FTP cd vs cwd perlquestion no size with stat and lstat in perlquestion no size with stat and lstat in perlquestion Global vars not accessable glo perlquestion Key-based diffs perlquestion How to do "use Mumble ':all' " perlquestion Old_Gray_Bear Apache::Scoreboard (v0.10) perlquestion start remote process with argu perlquestion Website login/authentication perlquestion Old_Gray_Bear Fetching HTML Pages with Socke perlquestion grinder Using c executable in Perl Scr perlquestion Display setting for Tk perlquestion how to force scalar context (w perlquestion grinder rsh from perl perlquestion improve ugly flow control perlquestion grinder File upload script printing to perlquestion GraphViz & dot -- adding title perlquestion Is it possible to create a sub perlquestion grinder Can't find string terminator " perlquestion grinder Hosting locations for CPAN pro perlquestion Arunbear Win32 Tk::TableMatrix CTRL+c b perlquestion Courage Mac::Knife perlquestion Kwiki update problems with Spo perlquestion Can forks share data more easi perlquestion How do I use a statement handl perlquestion Perl script as the shebang? perlquestion Selecting particular key-value perlquestion SOAP::Lite can produce exact t perlquestion Is LWP::Simple's get function perlquestion Can't Stop my PerlSvc perlquestion changing output look perlquestion LWP::UserAgent with developmen perlquestion Register with XP Service Pack perlquestion ikegami Help sending with MIME::Lite perlquestion PDL newbie question perlquestion How can I compare two director perlquestion davidj Problem with Hash when Using S perlquestion Problem with print chr() perlquestion Net::FTP and putting errors to perlquestion Is WMI ConnectServer plaintext perlquestion constants in multiple librarie perlquestion Validating XML against a DTD perlquestion nonprinting chars perlquestion Detect undefined subroutines perlquestion grinder Device::SerialPort comm2log perlquestion Tk input box perlquestion Courage regex replacement perlquestion How to capture log from extern perlquestion RegEx : Filtering a log file perlquestion Spreadsheet-ParseExcel miscs perlquestion Using GET in a loop perlquestion printing source code green bar perlquestion digitally sign XML Document perlquestion Disc Space checking perlquestion Control of cache perlquestion getting the name of a variable perlquestion How can I strip an arbitary nu perlquestion regex greedy range perlquestion How to find when a new email a perlquestion Created script to send email b perlquestion grab 'n' lines from a file abo perlquestion broquaint strict, debug and global varia perlquestion WSDL generation for a SOAP::Li perlquestion pikus Pesky warnings after calling W perlquestion Extracting the last desired bl perlquestion grinder PerlAPP security? perlquestion Param not working correctly perlquestion DBI Frustrations perlquestion Difficulties in copying direct perlquestion Pass a hash as parameter to a perlquestion Is there an equivalent $. for perlquestion diotalevi Interface with ACT! (Symantec, perlquestion grinder Use of 'our' considered harmfu perlmeditation htoug OT? Pragmatic Perl perlmeditation Courage thanks perlmeditation Wasting time thinking about wa perlmeditation Courage DBD::mysql and binding placeho perlmeditation Old_Gray_Bear Moby Dick in 5 secs perlmeditation Encoding is a pain. perlmeditation grinder "if" Considered Harmful in OO perlmeditation antirice OT: Graduate education. What t perlmeditation The Ethics of Webbots perlmeditation Courage Being more Assert-ive with Per perlmeditation dvergin Discover a package global's sy perlmeditation Courage jaJAPH using warnings obfuscated Random Sierpinski Dust obfuscated Limbic~Region step-by-step JAPH obfuscated rnahi JAPH by Gunth obfuscated grinder My first Japh obfuscated grinder Wrap perl scripts in emacs CUFP kutsu Getting different things from CUFP grinder Fill in the missing features f CUFP grinder

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Re^2: Too much Front Paging (your estimation of the data is wrong)
by tilly (Archbishop) on Sep 24, 2004 at 16:57 UTC
    I'd not throw insults unless the figure that he quoted was actually wrong.

    At a guess, he compiled statistics by hand. If I was in his position tackling that task, I'd have first thought of tackling it that way, and also likely would have stopped with a single day's data.

    The fact that it is more convenient for you to gather data is no cause to be insulting if a longer time sample disagrees with what his sample indicated. If you can show that he miscollected or deliberately misrepresented the facts that he presented, that might be different. But that isn't the situation here.

Re^2: Too much Front Paging (your estimation of the data is wrong)
by kutsu (Priest) on Sep 24, 2004 at 17:52 UTC

    For those who don't want to do the math: based on GMT +0 for Sep. 23: 24 total SOPWs and 9 FPs, or 37.5%, meaning tachyon's figures were most likely correct (the percent raises or lowers depending on the timezone). I would agree with dio that a larger time period would be needed in order to say "nodes are being FPed too much". I'd actually be curious what the monthly/yearly average is. (Calculations below)

    "Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum - I think that I think, therefore I think that I am." Ambrose Bierce

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