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Re: OT: Design question

by Prior Nacre V (Hermit)
on Oct 01, 2004 at 05:12 UTC ( [id://395549]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to OT: Design question

Here's a possible way you might go about this using just two notionally singleton classes.

I haven't addressed data storage and retrieval, although I suspect a DB solution will prove the better choice. (%CFG represents the config data regardless of where and how it was read.)

I've also assumed $WID. This is expected to hold some unique reference to the widget being added.

Consider this as the basis of an approach to a solution rather than the solution itself. I've left it very skeletal as I don't know how this might fit into any existing framework you may have.

package Widget; sub new { my ($class, $rh_def_cfg) = @_; bless { rh_def_cfg => $rh_def_cfg, ro_event => Event->new } => $cl +ass; } sub do_events { my ($self, $WID) = @_; my $rh_event_data = $self->get_event_data($WID); foreach my $event (@{$rh_event_data->{events}}) { $self->{ro_event}->$event($rh_event_data->{params}); } } sub get_event_data { # Use $WID to get type & widget # Use type to get parameters # Use widget to get events (based on type params) # Include other data to be used in Event class # Return hashref with event data } package Event; sub new { my $class = shift; bless {} => $class } sub email { ... } sub log { ... } sub trigger { ... } package main; my %CFG = get_cfg(); # DB or config file my $ro_widget = Widget->new(\%CFG); sub add_widget { # Add here, then: $ro_widget->do_events($WID); }

You might also consider an Aspect-Oriented solution. There's an Aspect module on CPAN which may be useful. (I don't know anything further about this module - others might).



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