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Re: RFC: Fuse::DBI - mount database as filesystem

by mpeppler (Vicar)
on Oct 09, 2004 at 07:58 UTC ( [id://397841]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RFC: Fuse::DBI - mount database as filesystem

Note: I haven't looked at the code of your module...

Sharing is good, even if I personally don't find the idea of mounting a SQL database as a filesystem appealing or even useful - I see too many portential issues (locks, concurrent access, memory use, not to mention the whole concept of "relational" which would go out the window.)

But I wouldn't be surprised if others found this appealing.


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Re^2: RFC: Fuse::DBI - mount database as filesystem
by dpavlin (Friar) on Oct 09, 2004 at 14:08 UTC

    I guess that my explanation wasn't clear enough: this is not general purpose database to filesystem module: it just allows user to write one SQL query to fetch files (with optional slashes in name to create directory), one SQL query to fetch content and one to update it.

    This design doesn't allow you to mount whole database as filesystem. It allows you to export one part of data which might be easier editable using filesystem.

    Concurrent access and locking is solved using transactions. Every write commits transaction to database (which is started at file open). That should solve problems of concurrent access through application and filesystem.

    I don't have problem with sharing my code (I wouldn't be writing this if I had :-), but I wondered if uploading to CPAN is the right way to share code that depends on other perl modules not available on CPAN.


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