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I actually upvoted it and also saw that it had bad reputation. My academic education included RDBMS from theory to practice, and I have been working with Open Source RDBMS them since 1996 or so (does anybody remembers msql?). So, I think that my expirince is a bit towards hard-code RDBMS through SQL crowd as well.

During design phase of Fuse::DBI , I though about RDBMS mapping to filesytem and concluded that model like yours is extremly powerful in presenting data from database. I even planned to impement it just as you describe (actually, simplier, I really like idea about how to use symlinks). But, editing problems (especially adding data) stopped me from using this approach and selecting much simplier one. Why should I browse through files if I know how to write SQL to select/update data?

Having said all this, I must stress that I can understand why there is negative feeling about exploring database through filesystem in general sense, but having simple and defined interface to it might be of good use. It's almost like SOAP vs REST interface. SQL vs filesystem is same: one if better for some application while other is for others.