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Re: PerlMonks as Ambassadors

by chanio (Priest)
on Oct 14, 2004 at 04:28 UTC ( #399099=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PerlMonks as Ambassadors

Reading these past comments, started 3 years ago, I guess that we've done an excellent job, don't you think so?

Nearly at the same time that I knew this site's existence, I was also knowing the experience of using GNU Linux. (that I have always seen as Perl's parents)

At that time I was envisioning a systematical way of knowing certain great things in life, that are impossible to learn in an instant. Like Perl and LINUX. It is not fare to expect a lot of something that you are just starting to practice! But, on the other hand, it is important to put all our efforts in learning such valuable things because they would surely, sooner or later, pay for our past struggle.

So, in LINUX, instead of presenting the newbie a digested environment (like Micro$oft's). I would do just like many easy-to-install Linux boxes like Mandrake do . They don't limit the system available, but speculate on what a newbie would require to start, and provide them with such environment.

Here, it would be great to have a sort of robot that would interfere (at least during three days) the new users postings. And try to answer their questions, by analyzing the frequency of some known phrases, and guessing the structure of the posting by studying the presented code.

As in an enhanced Super Search (always available) it should answer with some previous questions of the like that would appear with some excerps included.

Instead of ending the search here, there should be an option of letting the user mark all the answers that might be close to her previous question.

And finally, the super enhanced Super Search would guess again the real point of the user's interest. Presenting some new answers, always with the same option of marking the texts that might 'reprogram' the Super Search, eternally.

By doing this interference of newbies, the enhanced Super Search would be the first tool that the users should know about PM.

It is not a shame to admit (in my case) that I wouldn't dare to program such script. But having the correct tools handed to the inexperienced users, no one should have to face stupid or famous questions any more. Or if they happen, everybody would know that they are just a way of showing off, because the better option is always infront of them.

I always put a lot of effort and good intentions when I start using something new, don't you?

_`(___)' __________________________
Wherever I lay my KNOPPIX disk, a new FREE LINUX nation could be established.

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