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Since the vroom seems to be asking for general categories rather than specific suggestions, I'd add the following:

1: Signal to Noise Ratio (I personally think we do pretty well here)
2: Section Relevance - Ability of the specific sections to adequately cover all possible (or desireable) topics.
3: Infrastructure (both structural and cultural) - is perlmonks prepared to deal with an influx of new users that it's success will bring? They must be assimilated...resistance is futile.
It might also be interesting to include something like "What is your favorite/least favorite thing about perlmonks? (Choose only one!)

On a side note, I think that one of the best things about perlmonks is the way that vroom runs the place...or doesn't at the situation dictates. This call for feedback is just another indication of that. While some similar sites have the feel of a monarchy (even if it's often a benevolent one), you really get the sense of community and of meritocracy here at perlmonks. The best ideas...and the best code... usually win out. In this, I think, the culture of perlmonks reflects the culture of Perl, but also the character of it's founders.

~monk d4vis

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