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RE: Beginning of some quality documentation... hopefully

by Adam (Vicar)
on Nov 07, 2000 at 22:08 UTC ( #40377=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Beginning of some quality documentation... hopefully

I'm a bit confused here. How does [no such node, ID 40361] differ from Chatterbox Information?

I mean, I thought that the official place for all site documentation was going to be The Old Perl Monks FAQ. The older, site how to, even points to the The Old Perl Monks FAQ as the best place for all your site documentation needs. Is this no longer the case?

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RE: RE: Beginning of some quality documentation... hopefully
by agoth (Chaplain) on Nov 07, 2000 at 22:31 UTC
    It may not differ at all, but Ive never even stumbled across it.

    Ive never used any other link than 'How do i use this ?' to find out about chatterbox functionality, and thats brief to say the least.

    If its not easily locatable from the homepage, without searching, it may be helpful, but its not much use......

        Granted on the information nodelet bit, but:
        • The 'Site how to' still only goes to outdated chatterbox information.
        • The chatterbox information, which I found between posts, but it still requires drill down and delving, not a one hit perldoc style 'theres your answer' way and not particularly intuitive to find, though I may be out of tuits today

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