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Hi, I've got two perl programs (compiled to .exe with PerlApp). One is a processing engine doing the job, and second one is a GUI for it (used mostly to configure main tool before starting, etc.). However, during the processing the main tool should communicate with GUI, to give some information, like current progress status. Based on this, the GUI should display some info and progress bar. All this should work both on Win32 and Linux/Unix (eventually could not work on Unix, but at least should not crash the whole thing). As far now I've solved the whole thing through files -> main engine writes the log file, and GUI reads it in some time interval, and sets progrss bar, etc. Problem is, that it works too slow. Meaning - main engine writes the information with HUGE delay (i set the "flush" option to the smallest possible, but it does not help really). So, I think there is some method two processes to communicate. Unfortunately, nothing is feasible.