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Re^3: The Limitations of the CPAN

by runrig (Abbot)
on Nov 18, 2004 at 00:02 UTC ( #408656=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: The Limitations of the CPAN
in thread The Limitations of the CPAN

I've thought about aliasing :Wq to :wq due to how frequently I mistype that.
I'd nevermind that and just use :x. I was bitten by :X once, but after I learned what it was, it never happened again.

Update: Why have I never noticed "ZZ" before? Thanx, itub!

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Re^4: The Limitations of the CPAN
by itub (Priest) on Nov 18, 2004 at 00:47 UTC
    I just use ZZ. I find it easier to type.

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