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Re: Problems with

by tachyon (Chancellor)
on Nov 23, 2004 at 03:50 UTC ( #409792=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Problems with

Yep, I went to look if I had the and I do.

You may have a but according to perl you don't have one where it is supposed to be. (C:\Perl\lib\CGI\ Perl *is* right about this, although you may possibly have a permissions problem.

So, don´t know what may be the problem.

See above, below, Simple Module Tutorial and A Guide to Installing Modules

This started happening when I replaced the for the new version (3.05)

In other words you have a broken install. Probably because you tried to cut and paste it, maybe for other reasons.

I suggest that the following simple steps will fix your problem. is CORE so its default location is C:\Perl\lib\ with more stuff in C:\Perl\lib\CGI\*. Delete this file and directory. Your updgrade on the other hand probably got installed to C:\Perl\site\lib\CGI* so delete the file C:\Perl\site\lib\ and directory C:\Perl\site\lib\CGI\* if they exist. If you use PPM also do ppm remove CGI which will complain about not finding stuff but will remove CGI from the install database. Now reinstall using either PPM or perl Makefile.PL && nmake && nmake test && nmake install. Do not try to cut and paste this module (and its ancillary bits). While it can be done correctly it is easy to do it wrong too.



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Re^2: Problems with
by jacques (Priest) on Nov 23, 2004 at 14:33 UTC
    I suggest that the following simple steps will fix your problem.

    I think they seem simple for people with enough experience, but for the uninitiated they may be intimidating.

    We often see broken installs on Win32 here. I wonder why. Did the OP cut and paste, as you suggest? Why would anyone do that? Perhaps the OP did so because the latest version of was not available in ActiveState's reposits? Do many PPM users even know that you can specify the path of the reposit with PPM? I would wager not. You bring up 'nmake', something I use all the time. But would casual users know what nmake is or where to download it? Isn't PPM suppose to simplify the installation and upgrade process for them?

    Sigh, Win32 Perl is such a mess.

      Thanks a lot, tachion. In fact I did some dirty installation with copy and paste. I´ve downloaded nmake and now it shall work fine. Your tutorial on installing modules is great, Im glad to find such focus on Win32 I didn´t find elsewhere in this kind of module tutorial. Hey, Jacques, you´re right. PPM sucks, and that´s why I went to do the dirty work. Guess what? They do not have the module to install! Im using ActiveState´s repositories. If someone can suggest me a real repository, it would be a great help. Anyway, now with nmake I can do it the other way, but PPM would be much pratical - if it worked. Thanks a lot guys! Cheers André PS: By the way, what´s "hubris"? My english dictionary doesn´t have this word Larry likes...

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