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Re^2: Module advice: when is it too insignificant to release?

by jplindstrom (Monsignor)
on Nov 24, 2004 at 14:42 UTC ( #410137=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Module advice: when is it too insignificant to release?
in thread Module advice: when is it too insignificant to release?

Re: 1. and 2. Those are things that are actually in my script, but I lost them while copying the module to the node text. Especially the absolute file name thing. This piece of code:

my $fileModule = cwd() . "\\$module.doc";

is is something I should move into the module, so thanks for pointing that out!

Re: 3. The SaveAs() method delegates it's implementation to the Word Document object, so I think it's okay to name it that way. Or maybe I don't understand your point why it could be better named.


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Re^3: Module advice: when is it too insignificant to release? re SaveAs
by ff (Hermit) on Nov 24, 2004 at 18:08 UTC
    My preference is to have names that are unique as a way of preventing confusion. If you call your method SaveAs, and your module invokes a method by the very same name from another module, then at maintenance time I have to be smart enough to know that the good old SaveAs from Win::OLE is not what the code is referring to. In other words, since another module already uses the term SaveAs, can't the method within your module have a slightly different name?

    And on the note that it's nice to have unique terms for new pieces of software: I see that WordWriter is actually a commercial package written in Java for creating Word documents and also that Ken Tomiak uses perl2word as the name of a sample Word document maker (Win32::ole and MSWord). However, I don't see any hits by google for pl2word and so perhaps this could be the name for your module. Although the letter l looks a lot like the number 1....

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