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Our app will have to figure out which button was hit and handle the data and output as needed. In C::A, there is really only one place you can put this logic: cgiapp_prerun(). If you have many runmodes that need this sort of functionalilty, your cgiapp_prerun() can start getting rather large.

When I do this kind of thing, I put the logic in the handling runmode ... something like:

# This runmode show the data-entry template sub show_entry { # ... yada yada yada } sub process_entry { my ( $self, $query ); $self = shift; $query = $self->query(); # This method will add the entry in the db $self->add_entry(); # Now if the user hit the 'add another' button... if ( $query->param( 'addanother' ) ) { return $self->show_entry(); } else { # mainscreen() being the main/home page runmode return $self->mainscreen(); } }