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Looking at Voting/Experience System, it seems that there are two parts to XP gains from votes - 25% per vote, and 1/6 of total votes if all votes given in a day, but only up to level 5 (Monk).

Saints get 40 votes, the most of anyone. At a 25% for 1 XP, that means that on average, a saint who finds 40 things to vote on in a day will gain about 10 XP. Which is not significant compared to the amount of XP needed.

Even a monk with 20 votes will, on average, gain 5 XP, needing 300 to travers the level, meaning that if you vote all of your votes Monday thru Friday and both days of the weekends you can go up a level in about 3 months. Assuming you find 20 worthwhile (good or bad) posts everyday.

This does not seem to be a big deal. At the worst it means that you are reading every post and contributing to PM via evaluating nodes instead of a more direct addition of posts, but that's not a major sin.

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