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Thanks for that. Very evil, er, nice. /me scribbles some new obfu tricks.

If I may make a criticism of this first attempt from a JAPH beginner, it is the title. AFAICT, by Perl Monks convention, it should read something like "My First JAPH!!!" and contain a plea to please be kind. ;-)

Oh, and it's not canonical. To canonicalize, replace the first line with:

As a bit of a spoiler, re-formatting the code like this:
#@<')I;G0G2G5S="!A;F]T:&5R(%!E<FP@:&%C:V5R+"<`` eval<DATA>; sub X { $_ = unpack('u', $_) until /u(?{eval})/ } __DATA__ seek(DATA, 0, 0); X() for <DATA> =~ /.(.*.)./;
makes it a bit easier to understand.