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I really don't understand you.

While it is probably annoying to lose XP, it's only XP.

If memory serves, you tend to post alot and very fast. In Hidden Characters? it was 3 minutes after the question was posted. Looking back there, it seems like your answer isn't the best one around, as other people posted later more complete answers (that suggest other a better/safer approach).

Note that I'm not saying that it is bad to give quick reply, but if you post the first thing that comes to mind, it might not be the best answer, thus people might not like it.

If you see a bad solution, don't you vote -- on it?

On the good side, i don't think any individual can damage too much, and since you post alot, this will probably wear off.

Quick math: You have 1800 XP's in 5 about months, thats about 360 XP a month, which means that you'll be a Saint in 3 months.
Some people devote their whole life to it :)

Cheer up.

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