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kgraff's scratchpad

by kgraff (Monk)
on Dec 16, 2004 at 14:53 UTC ( #415357=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

21 June 2008 - Been playing around with Joomla! which seems to be a fairly nice CMS, but can be frustrating trying to figure out how someone else has done things. Still remember how my former help desk colleagues at UW-M referred to PHP users as "weenies" or was that Windows users?

22 June 2007 - Still settling in at the new house. Ling Ling passed away at age 19 on May 11, after surviving one more move.

16 April 2007 - Getting ready to move again, less than 20 miles this time though. Been using an iBook as my main computer since last August.

24 September 2005 - 10 days since arrival here. Neighbor up over the hill to the north is a winery, a dairy farm is to the west and south up the hollow. To the east live my father's cousins who own this place. Just got phone and internet access two days ago.

5 September 2005 - Haven't done any Perl scripting for over a week. Moving day is Monday September 12, plan to pack up the computers the day before. Trying to impose order on 10 years of accumulation of stuff seems to be using up all the programming energy.

18 July 2005 - The blog is a keeper, although I don't update it every day. Still programming and now planning a move in September.

29 March 2005 - I am trying out WordPress for a blog not sure if it is a keeper yet, but want to try it out and be able to demonstrate to a client as a non-techie way to make their site interative. It was fairly easy to set up once I set up the MySQL database while alert. Only hacking I have done so far is to change the image at the top.

3 March 2005 - Converted the script I used to show the newest additions to my old web site to produce user-configurable site map. <a href="">look</a>

17 February 2005 - So, I did it yesterday, changed the DNS for my second web hosting vendor. After a year of operation on another host, decided to go with particularly as I missed having a command line interface. Now I can run MySQL command line client from the shell account in Terminal in Mac OS X either connecting remotely or logged in to the shell account itself. It has gone smoothly so far. I used the opportunity to do some rearranging and will be updating and tweaking scripts and pages driven from MySQL databases for a while. WHEW!

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