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Hey guys, I wish i could show you the html, but the nextel servers wont let any ip's except 176.16.*.* in.. so let me try and elaborate.
Well, there are 2 seperate scrips. One computes the data for any given day, EXCEPT today, and the other script computes the data for today only.
The problem is, when the form is printed, the drop down box with the site names, is about 1000 entries long, and that prints 2 times, once for the today script, and the other for the date script.
What i can do, is paste the paramters:
For the Today Script:

For the Anydate Script:

If i do do the radio button way, can i have it, so when the button is active, the form points to one script, and if it is unchecked, the form points to another?
basically what he wants is the one field, instead of being printed twice, for each script, its printed once, and based on what date is picked, it goes to the correct script?

Thanks In Advance