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Re^2: Activestate Perl and the Komodo IDE

by Karel Capek (Initiate)
on Dec 22, 2004 at 18:41 UTC ( #416861=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Activestate Perl and the Komodo IDE
in thread Activestate Perl and the Komodo IDE

This comment addresses Komodo 3.0.1.

Two small problems I've noticed:

the occasionally disappearing variables in the Output tab, which can be worked around by setting the variable names in the Watch tab;

the continually resetting iterator, which occurs when one has a breakpoint set inside a foreach loop on a hash, for example. After puzzling over this for awhile I tried this with the Simpsons/Jetsons example from O'Reilly, and if a breakpoint is set in the loop, one gets a continuous stream of Simpsons, that never stops, even if -

problem #3 - one presses the ineffective pause or the stop buttons. If no breakpoint, works fine.

Actually, it appears the pause and stop buttons are ineffective whether or not breakpoints are used. It didn't appear that anyone else noticed these items, hence this comment. Plus, it's easier to login to Perlmonks than to jump through the various ActiveState bug reporting hoops.

It's entirely possible I've done these operations improperly, but it doesn't appear so at this time.

Thoughts for today:
1) Engineers are pessimists; would you want to fly in a plane designed by an optimistic engineer?
2) One cannot pleasantly surprise an optimist. Optimists, therefore, have only an unending series of disappointments that they will, of course, look forward to.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season, keeping in mind that more people die on Christmas day than any other day.

Have another day!
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