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Re^4: A (highly) "ethical" use for for Perl

by blazar (Canon)
on Dec 24, 2004 at 14:30 UTC ( #417312=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: A (highly) "ethical" use for for Perl
in thread A (highly) "ethical" use for for Perl

You mention in another post that attempts to login to the server are "bounced" to one of the clients.
I must confess that while indeed this is more or less what I wrote, it is not strictly true. Indeed users logging from outside are bounced on clients, but they are allowed to log in to the server if they wish so. However most users do not even know what its name is, since for example we have a 'whoall' shell script that shows who's on which machine and it only shows the clients.
Not sure how you accomplish this, but it would be interesting to force this guy to one single node no matter where he logs in. With ssh keys setup, you could automatically ssh him to the same server every other node :-) He would login, start his a.out, login to another machine, start his a.out, and would just be competing for cpu against himself.
Well I must admit that all this is actually interesting but, if possible at all, it would require superuser powers, which I currently don't have, but which I wouldn't use anyway for real ethical reasons, if I had them. I have had to argue with him (because without any good reason he's had to argue with me in the first place) as an user, and as a user I've prepared this revenge/joke.

Also, unless/until we impose well definite rules on computing power consumption, he's not really done anything illegal so nobody was ever fully determined to take measures against him, even if some of the sysadmins have seriously considered removing his account because of his attitude in previous situations.

BTW: I've noticed from the logfile that it has already "worked": of course I'm waiting for him to complain and then I'll stop it.

I was going to suggest renaming your perl to a.out so that it appeared to be his code, but when I realized your program was named after his login I was ROFL.
His code is named a.out only because that's the default executable name created by gcc. It only means he doesn't care giving the -o option, let alone creating a proper Makefile. But if I'm making fun of someone, then I want him/her to know...

PS:I realize that this has eventually gone totally OT WRT Perl, so I wonder if PM provides some sort of OT area where to move the discussion if anybody is interested.

PS2:something that I've wanted to write down for quite a while... there's an Italian word, "stronzo", of which I don't know any non vulgar synonim having quite the same expressive power, that best expresses what we all think of this guy: he's the typical idiot who always thinks he's one step ahead of you...

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