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Re^3: Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?

by spq (Friar)
on Jan 02, 2005 at 03:27 UTC ( #418737=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?
in thread Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?

You understood my question quite well Jenda, thank you. I think the main thrust of my thought (however poorly presented), was that if the idea put forth in the linked article is correct; that the Windows API is diminishing in relevance and web applications are on the rise. And if Perl is one of the best choices for developing fast, extensible web applications, if not the best, then how can we increase Perl's percentage in that growing market?

This is largely selfish. I like programming in Perl, it's my language of choice. I'd like to have my skills and experience become more and more in demand. I want to pick where I will live, not drag my family across the country looking for a job in one a large Perl shop.

I have, and will continue to donate code, money, etc. to the best my resources allow. But that chromatic, in and of itself, not going to generate more Perl jobs in general. I think Jenda has the right idea. Getting your company to donate money is great. But get them to let you publicize that your work was done in Perl, wherever reasonable. Whenever I do work in mod_perl, I put one of those little 'powered by' icons & links. I don't think it has to be huge things. I don't think we need to go around trumpeting the glories of Perl and annoying everyone. Just keep our eyes open for ways to let people know what Perl not only can do, but has. Someone mentioned O'Reilly's Perl Success Stories. I'm very grateful for all O'Reilly has done, but if your not going to, where do you see those stories? Maybe we should have a 'powered by Perl' icon that links to that page?

Thanks! These are just some thoughts (meditations :) I felt like sharing, and I really appreciate all the feedback!

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