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Re^2: Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?

by spq (Friar)
on Jan 02, 2005 at 04:00 UTC ( #418738=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?
in thread Web aps with Perl (6) vs. Longhorn and the Windows API?

Hmmmm... I was subscribed to The Perl Journal for years (and have all the paper copies AFAIK), donated to the Perl Foundation, been to a couple (and presented at one) YAPC, have been hosting the tech meetings for a while now, etc. etc.

I'm not so much worried about Perl's demise, at least not in the immediate future, as I am interested in seeing Perl be the first thing businesses consider when deciding which technology to use in developing their web application. This is as much selfish silliness (I don't want to move my family to Chicago) or ego as it is basic advocacy (I do like Perl best).

I agree that we (I) have to be careful about not being over-zealous in advocating Perl. I try to reserve that for discussions on places like Perl Monks. =P I'm asking, is Perl 6 going to happen sometime soon, and if so can we plan on generating media outside our usual haunts when it does? If web applications are a 'next thing' and Perl already has a large role in that space, is this a good time to look ahead at increasing Perl's share of that space, hopefully to everyone's benefit? What might be good ways of doing that we can try or suggest to the wider community? I'd like to publish some articles (which in my case will require a really good editor! ;), but should I aim for the Perl Review or someplace more widely read?

Thanks very much for feedback and the links, a few were new to me.

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