The other day in a class I was teaching Perl for beginners, I was showing how to copy a file using File::Copy. At one point one of the students asked me (and actually this happens in every class) how could he find out the answer to this and similar questions without my help ?

I pointed to various resources, still they seemed not to be satisfied with the answer. So I asked on the Perl Trainers mailing list what others tell their students and asked a similar question on a beginner mailing list.

Here are the pointers I collected so far in two groups but in no particular order within the groups:

Local resources: On-line resources:

Still, I'd be interested in other ways, monks might use:

When you have a question such as "how to copy a file", what do you do to find a solutions ?
Do you prefer to use local resources or on-line resources ?
If you are coming from another programming languages, how would you look for an answer in that language ?

Looking back to my original question, interestingly I have not even thought about International Perl Resources, but that's another issue that might be addressed here.